For Students

Georgia Tech considers the security and privacy of student and employee information to be of utmost importance. To keep our information safe, the Institute requires that all students, faculty, staff and student workers use two-factor authentication when accessing campus services and systems to strengthen the protection of student and employee data and maintain compliance with University System Information Security policy.

Students must be enrolled by October 16, 2017, or risk being locked out of important systems such as email, printing, T-Square, Buzzport, and Passport.

If you are a student needing to enroll in Two-factor Authentication using Duo, please follow the instructions below.

Not enrolled? What is Two-factor with Duo? Watch the video below.


Preparation for all non-enrolled students:

Please prepare for two-factor authentication enrollment by downloading the Duo app. Instructions for iOS and Android are on the "Pre-checklist for Enrolling in Two-factor Authentication" listed below.

Once the Duo app is downloaded, do not try to add an account. Your friend will help with that.

You can also visit the Technology Support Center, Clough Commons, Room 215, located behind Starbucks or if you are in a residence hall, go to Wreck Techs to be enrolled.

For students helping a friend to enroll:

You now have the power to enroll your friends in just 4 easy steps using the Student Onboarding Tool! To help your friends beat the deadline, do the following:

1. Identify your friend or friends needing to enroll and tell them you can enroll them.

2. Have each friend come to you with their Buzzcard. Go to and find "Assist Another Person" in the left menu bar.

3. Follow the prompts to enroll your friend making sure to check their Buzzcard and add their GTID when prompted.

4. When you come to the page describing the steps your friend needs to take to complete enrollment, ask him/her to log in to Passport to complete their enrollment. 

That's it. You've helped a friend!